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Can I return my medication if I no longer need them?

Because we work in conjunction with licensed pharmacies to protect the safety of you and other parties involved once a prescription and non-prescription products have been dispensed it cannot be returned for any reason. Under the pharmaceutical law prescription drugs are not returnable. All sales are final. So before ordering or completing your order please consult with your physician regarding your medications. For more information, please look in our policies section.

Which Products are not eligible for Returns?

The products shall not be eligible for a return under the following circumstances-

  • If the item has been opened, partially used or disfigured. The user is strongly advised to check the package carefully at the time of acceptance of products by the user from the user’s delivery agent
  • If the product has been tampered with.
  • If the product packaging and/or packaging box and/or packaging seal has been tampered with. The user is strongly advised to check the package carefully at the time of acceptance of products by the user from the user’s delivery agent and it is emphasized that the user should not accept the order if the package appears to be tampered;
  • If the product does not have serial number / UPC number/ barcode affixed, which was present at the time of acceptance of products by the user from the user’s delivery agent.

What is the time period for return of orders?

We have product specific return policy. The return window ranges from 0-30 days from the date of delivery. Please check the return policy before placing any order.

How to Return?

You can raise a return request within the time frame i.e 0-30 days

Chat with us on our website to check if the product/s that you wish to return are returnable and have an active return window;

You can also place a request for return of any product by calling the customer support at +1 315 515 4364 or email us at or chat with us on WhatsApp.

NOTE - Please keep the return package ready in its original packaging with all the labels intact.

Return & Refund Policy

  • You can cancel your order any time before making the payment or your order is shipped. Once the payment is made or order is shipped. You’re not eligible for return &/or refund.
  • You can cancel anytime while your payment or order is being processed.
  • Once the order is shipped & tracking number is generated you cannot cancel your order
  • If the shipment is stuck or rejected by USA’s or India’s custom department, one time free re-shipment is guaranteed (In which we send you the same medicine of same strength and quantity that you ordered for free)
  • If your order doesn’t get delivered within maximum of 30 days, you can either choose between re-shipment or avail full refund
  • If you receives wrong or fake product, then you can choose between re-shipment or full refund (In that case we do need photographs of products that you received and images of the label)
  • If you received incomplete order, e.g. incorrect quantity, incorrect strength or wrong product then you’re eligible for either re-shipping of missing quantity or they can opt for part refund of their payment(E.g. You ordered 180 Tablets and you received 90 Tablets, then we’ll either deliver remaining 90 Tablets or we’ll refund you the amount of 90 Tablets)
  • If USPS (our shipping partner) states that your order is delivered, and you didn’t receive it, we request you to kindly check it with your neighbour, post office, post box or family members if they have collected the order on your behalf. You have all the rights to question USPS regarding your order. In such case, you’ll have to pay 50% of total amount and remaining 50% of it will be paid by us.